The clouds were calm and the sky was a blue that Duke hasn’t noticed in a long time. He took in a deep breath as it felt clearer. “So this is what it’s like again. No killing, blood, screaming…just life.”

Duke looked outside his cab as it entered his neighborhood. Most of the houses were vacant and destroyed as the demons purged it. Duke gulped as he came closer and closer to his home. He hasn’t heard from his mother in a while and no one knows if she survived. As the cab pulled up to his house, Duke began to shake.

The place he grew up in was the icon of chaos. The windows were shattered and blood splatters appeared on the sides. The door was open though only half was intact.

“You sure you wanna go in there sir? I don’t think it’s safe.”

“My mother is here. She survived the raid and I have to bring her to safety.” Duke pleaded as he opened his door. He closed it behind him, and slowly walked to the broken door.

He peaked inside, stepping on glass in process. “Madre?” Duke quietly yelled. He completely walked in as he walked up the stairs. He went to her room and noticed the emptiness. “Madre?” He went into his old room, still nothing. He walked down the stairs and down the hallway. “Madre, are you there?” As he crept into the kitchen, he halted.

She laid there in still blood. A dagger pierced her heart as it stayed dormant. “Madre? Madre! No, no, no!” Duke yelled as he ran to her. Her body was cold and the stench of death finally hit him. He took the dagger out her chest and flung it across the room. He laid his head on her while gripping her shirt. His tears washing the blood from her stained shirt.