“I lived my life alone. My parents divorced when I was young so I always felt divided. I went through a life threatening depression and my parents used that as fuel to throw at each other, not knowing the pain it actually cost me. I cried a lot, and I mean a lot, until one day, I couldn’t anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Sonya asked.

“I cried all my tears. I couldn’t feel sadness, so my only emotion left was anger. Everyone just made me angry and I wanted to get away.”

“So that’s why you joined the army?”

“Yeah,” Nick said sadly, “of course my family disagreed with my decision but I had to be selfish. I left and barely talked to them. This was a place I needed to go to release my anger.”

“You don’t seem that angry though. Duke is angry,” Sonya chuckled, “But you, you seem like a warm soul. You’re so kind and you’d give your all for someone.”

“I was stationed overseas once and I met a kid that didn’t even have a family. He was truly alone but that never got to him. He remained positive when everything around him was against him. He showed me that everything I went through was nothing compared to what he suffers from and everything he’ll go through in life. And now, now our world is overrun by demon and I’d give anything to talk to my family.”